The Purpose

Starting a blog is tricky, especially for someone who doesn’t frequently write. The effort of  coming up with things to say is not problematic. There are plenty of topics in which I would be glad to indulge. The issue is permanence. Whatever I publish on this small website may come back around. Not that my thoughts are particularly damaging, but the future is unpredictable. I don’t know if my opinions today will reflect the person I will be tomorrow.

The headlines today are of Donald Trump, the United State’s 45th president. A post about Donald would probably be something enjoyable to write. I actively read about politics and maintain an average level of policy literacy. However, I think I’d like to keep the theme of my blog light. At least for now.

In college all of my writing was done in the technical arena. “Free writing” is not particularly in my comfort zone. My influences are apparent in the title of my first post. I think you will find that my writing style will not be very ornate, although I may try. I am limited by my vocabulary and functional style. I’m going to strive for interesting and entertaining content. Uncommon ideas. Ultimately this blog will be my commentary on things and stuff.

Even if these words are never read the exercise behind keeping a blog can be particularly beneficial. I think writing thoughts will allow me to process ideas better, create arguments, and improve me writing. Going forward I will attempt generate one post per day. If I find that is too ambitious I will adjust. I am striving for a fun hobby that can also be productive.